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Chemtrails The True About Global Warming


Chemtrails The True About Global Warming •To what extent is global warming real? •Why is it that in some places of the world it rains extremely, and others suffer an alarming drought? •What are the reasons of global warming? •Is the application of chemtrails to the atmosphere truly helping to block global warming? •Or is […]

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Support Global march Against Chemtrails and Geoengineering


Support Global march Against Chemtrails and   Geoengineering   When: January 25 2014 Place: They are close place by your city check this map: Please Join the march against chemtrails • Geoengeenering not cooled the planet. • chemtrails accelerate global warming. •chemtrails absorb moisture to create artificial clouds. • chemtrails are blocking the rains in California. […]

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The Evolution of chemtrails [THE CHEM-BOMBS]


The Evolution of Chemtrails Chem-bombs A few decades ago, the upper atmosphere began to go awash with feathery plumes or trails that sought to replace the clouds in the sky with new bio-engineered ones. Then in 1997, when the first of these trails first became quite an obvious phenomenon in the sky,  In the 21st […]

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ChemtrailsThe Dark Agenda of Synthetic Biology


CHEMTRAILS: THE DARK AGENDA OF SYNTHETIC BIOLOGY The world around us is changing and this changes is visible in the skies, water, and trees. What we don’t realize is that this changes signifies the death of natural life as we know it since ages. However, the real questions is, are we affected by this change? […]

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Edward Snowden & The Chemtrails Revelations


Edward Snowden & The Chemtrails Revelations How he Came About The Intelligence. Edward Snowden had a long tenure with both the NSA and the CIA,and is an accomplished hacker. These prominent American agencies are tasked with handling very sensitive information on issues that not only affect the U.S., but also the rest of the world. […]

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Is There A Chemtrails Agenda?


  Is There A Chemtrails Agenda?                                             Initially, the angular patterns called chemtrails imprinted into the sky by various aircraft were thought to be trails of condensation that are formed from ice crystals making thinned vapor. Upon closer inspection, the idea had to be rejected. Natural trails of condensation vanish almost as quickly as they appear. […]

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Chemtrails What Really Does Go On In the Skies?


Chemtrails – What Really Does Go On In the Skies? Have you ever considered whether the apparently innocent white trails left behind by aircraft could be something more sinister than simple water vapor? In 1996 an anonymous writer accused the US government of spraying the US population with mysterious substances from aircraft which left behind […]

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The Cascade Volcano & The  Inner Earth WATER-FALL VOLCANO AND interior of the Earth by JE The volcano and inner hull of the Earth by J. VOLCANO cascade and the Inner Earth by JE face the Volcano and the inner hull of the Earth by J. Given  Cascade Range volcano eruption around 2011 is an […]

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